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Fire Station No. 3

Much of the design of Fire Station No. 3 was driven by safety and access issues due to busy Cerrillos Road. A new entrance serves both Ashbaugh Park and the station, while the exit from the drive-through bays is dedicated to emergency vehicles.

Through careful building configuration and site planning, every tree was saved, preserving an important greenspace along the thoroughfare. Access and windows to the adjacent park allow the staff to monitor park activity.

Traditional colors and flat roofs echo adjacent buildings on Cerrillos Road, while an open interior, muted colors and a central skylit corridor emphasize the home-like feeling in the station.

Reduced response time is key to the design, and an open plan maximizes a feeling of spaciousness.

The station is environmentally-friendly with daylighting strategies to reduce energy use, low-water landscaping, a cistern to collect irrigation water, energy-efficient appliances and low maintenance materials with recycled content.