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Frederick M. Hart Addition (UNM Law School)

Merit Award – Commercial Building over $2 million. American Institute of Architects, Santa Fe Chapter, 2002 Design Excellence Awards

Outstanding Concrete Award, Southwest Contractor Magazine’s Best of 2002

Energy Conscious Design Award. Association of General Contractors and New Mexico Business Journal, Best Buildings 2003


The Frederick M. Hart Addition provides additional classrooms, courtrooms, professors’ offices, an expanded administration area and a new legal clinic.

The new concrete and stucco addition integrates visually and functionally with the existing building, the Law School’s main goal.

The linear, west-facing site drove the design, which has a daylit circulation spine to provide light to the rooms along it, and concrete fins on the west facade to re-orient the glazing to the north for sun control. A new main entry creates an image for the law school while controlling circulation and simplifying wayfinding. The addition also gives a new identity and entry to the legal clinic, which provides an important and unique part of the education at the school.