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Every project is unique with a distinctive site, community, users, context of existing buildings and program requirements. We therefore take a fresh approach to every project. The key to project success is frequent communication, listening, reliability and attention to detail.

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Fire Station no. 4

Contemporary additions to a traditional fire station. Continue reading

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Edgewood Fire Station

A 14,998 square foot fire station with sloping roofs in Edgewood. Continue reading


Rancho Viejo Fire Station

A 14,643 fire station with both paid staff and volunteer wings. Continue reading


Capshaw Cafeteria and Kitchen

Middle School cafeteria and kitchen remodel. Continue reading


4 County Fire Stations Addition/Renovations

Additions designed to complement four existing fire stations. Continue reading


Fire Station No. 3

A 10,600 square foot fire station with an open plan and environmental features. Continue reading


Fire Station No. 8

A 10,200 square foot fire station with a community room, apparatus bay, and dormitory and living space with high ceilings and a non-institutional feel. Continue reading


Edward Gonzales Elementary School

A 73,000 square foot elementary school on Albuquerque’s west side, with daylighting and other energy conserving features. Continue reading


Frederick M. Hart Addition (UNM Law School)

A 34,000 square foot law school addition, providing classroom, office and legal clinic space. The project incorporates daylighting and passive solar strategies to reduce cooling loads. Continue reading


Bratton Hall Renovations Of UNM Law School

A renovation of 39,000 square feet of an existing law school. Renovation issues included hidden conditions, varying floor heights and allowing classes to continue at the school during the renovation process. Continue reading

Comments on past projects:

Fred Friedman, Chief, Intermodal Management Bureau:
'Ms. Riskin's personal interest and involvement in the project is largely responsible for moving interest in historic preservation from a vague aspiration to reality, both in this department and among numerous communities, small and large . . . Please accept the thanks of the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department's Intermodal Management Bureau for a job that exceeded our expectations.'

Helen Snoke, Chair, Comprehensive Planning Committee, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe:
'Marci demonstrated an especially high degree of skill in communication with people who hold many different opinions and ideas as she met with the committee, the Board of Trustees, and congregational members and staff.'

Brendan Adams, Project Manager, Gerald A. Martin, Ltd:
'Marci made herself available to the construction team in order to facilitiate the construction of this extremely complex cast in place concrete structure. This hands-on approach allowed us to collectively derive solutions to the field issues that could have caused major setbacks in the project.'